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From Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments to complex remediation, Eco Site Assessors has the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, providing our clients value and peace of mind.  Our team of multi-disciplined environmental experts provide a range of specialized services, including:

Spill Response - Appropriate response is the key to controlling your costs following an environmental loss.  Whether it’s a residential fuel oil leak, highway transport loss, or an industrial spill, we have the equipment and experienced staff to immediately mitigate damages. We provide remediation services to restore property value while protecting human health and the environment.  With over 15 years of experience, ours qualified staff will ensure that the project is well coordinated and that costs are contained.
Assessment - Whether you are performing due diligence for the purchase of a new property or have an environmental concern on land that you already own, we can assess the site conditions to help you understand the environmental liabilities. Staff at Eco Site Assessors have conducted over 3,000 Phase I ESA and Phase II ESA projects in accordance with CSA standards or Ontario Regulation 153/04.  EcoSA works with the client to provide quality assessment services that are the industry’s best value. Our environmental assessment services include:
• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
• Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
• Designated Substances Surveys
• Hydrogeology Studies
• Facility Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
• Environmental Audits
• Indoor Air Quality Assessments
• Filing Records of Site Condition
• Asbestos Surveys & Air Clearance Sampling
• Mould Assessments (Flood/Water Damage)
• Drinking Water Assessments, Sampling & System Monitoring  

Excess Soil Management – The movement of Clean Fill in Ontario is literally changing our landscape.  Over the past 10 years, the staff of Eco Site Assessors has been at the forefront of this industry.  We have successfully obtained numerous Site Alteration permits from the various Townships and managed several clean fill sites.  Our Qualified Person’s (QPs) provide the quality assurance needed to ensure compliance with local by-laws.  They will determine the acceptability of soil for any fill site before it leaves the Source property.  Because of our vast experience and network of contacts in the industry, we provide our customers with direct access and preferred pricing at a number of clean fill sites and soil recycling facilities.

Remediation - Doing it right the first time saves time, money and unnecessary worry.  With over 15 years of experience, our technologists, engineers and geoscientists have the expertise to address all types of contaminants in all environmental media.  We’ll design a remediation scope of work based on the current science, best practices and the terms of your budget. Our remediation services include:

• Emergency Spill response
• Brownfield Remediation
• Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning
• Contaminated Water Treatment (pump and treat)
• Landfill Leachate Treatment
• Bioremediation
• Chemical oxidation
• Electro-kinetic Remediation
• Soil Excavation and Recycling

Where active remediation is not desired, EcoSA can conduct a Site Specific Risk Assessment and implement risk management measures to accommodate future land use.

Peer Review & Expert Witness Testimony - As an industry leader we are often asked to provide peer review and third party opinion services in support of legal proceedings and subrogated claims.  We carefully review the remediation work performed by others to determine if project objectives and industry standards were met.  Our staff members include Qualified Persons who are registered with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change under O. Reg. 153/04.  Senior staff members have over 15 years of professional experience.  They have qualified as expert witnesses and provided expert testimony into environmental assessment and remediation.  Opinions are expressed in a straightforward and honest manner.
Training – Eco Site Assessors is committed to providing high quality training services to our clients.  Our training seminars are designed for land owners and insurers to them identify potential environmental liabilities and apply available risk management methodologies.  Our staff members possess practical, hands on experience so that training material is kept current and relevant.  Topics include remediation techniques, asbestos management, heating oil tanks and drinking water wells.  Eco Site Assessors will work with you to develop a training seminar that suits your specific requirements.

Mould Assessment - Concerns for mould in the home or work area has been steadily increasing as possible health impacts from mould spores become more obvious. Mould is especially harmful to young children, the elderly and immune suppressed individuals. Eco Site Assessors conducts mould assessment and water damage surveys at the home or workplace.  We have assessment options available and knowledgeable staff members that can you help you decide which option is best for you. We have great working relationships with laboratories so that you receive your results in a timely manner.  If mould is detected in your building our certified technicians can advise you on the proper actions to take to make your living space or work area a better environment.

Asbestos/Designated Substances – Hazardous material surveys are an effective way to identify and minimize long term liability.  Eco Site Assessors has the expertise and knowledge to conduct Designated Substances Surveys or Hazardous Surveys to ensure regulatory compliance and protection.  When needed, we can design and implement appropriate management plans or remedial measures to protect workers or the public.

Environmental Compliance Approvals – Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs) are required by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for operations where environmental discharge occurs.  Eco Site Assessors would be happy to assist with the application process and dispersion modelling which is often required.  Should you require updates to existing ECAs, due to equipment replacement or changes to products being used, we would apply for amendments on your behalf.  We are experienced in obtaining approvals for facilities ranging from a single paint spray booth to comprehensive approvals for complex manufacturing processes.

Storage Tank Removal – Provincial regulations require that all underground oil tanks, which are not in use be decommissioned by a qualified professional.  Abandoned underground storage tanks may leak, causing environmental impacts and affecting property value.  Eco Site Assessors will ensure that your tank is properly decommissioned. We have the expertise to assess the environmental conditions and provide you with the documentation needed to ensure regulatory compliance.

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